Forklift door frame bearing in the installation need to pay attention to matters

Forklift bearings are different from ordinary bearings, and their bearing materials and performance are better than ordinary bearings. Forklift door frame bearing is an essential equipment for pallet transportation and container transportation.

What do you need to pay attention to when installing forklift door frame bearings

First, keep the forklift bearing and its surrounding environment clean

Before installation, it is necessary to ensure that the bearing and installation position of the door frame are clean. Remove dirt, oil and other debris to ensure a clean installation environment.

2. Check and select the suitable size

Before installation, the door frame bearing should be checked for damage and deformation, and the size of the door frame bearing and the installation position should be matched

3. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Use the correct tools for installation to ensure that the frame bearings are properly installed in place. Do not use hammering tools such as hammers to hit the bearing directly, so as not to damage the bearing structure.

Fourth, prevent the rust of forklift bearing

When taking the forklift bearing directly by hand, it is necessary to fully wash the sweat on the hand and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation to ensure the smoothness and durability of the bearing during operation.

5. Test and adjust

After the installation is completed, tests and adjustments are carried out to ensure that the door frame bearings are installed correctly, operate normally, and there is no abnormal vibration or noise.

Post time: Jul-31-2023