How to maintain automobile hub bearings

The maintenance of automobile hub bearings is generally to replace the bearing oil, which is generally maintained once at about 80,000 kilometers.  According to the characteristics and needs of different models, the wheel surface treatment process will also take different ways, which can be roughly divided into two kinds of paint and electroplating. Ordinary models of the wheel in the appearance of less consideration, good heat dissipation is a basic requirement, the process is basically using paint treatment, that is, first spray and then electric baking, the cost is more economical and the color is beautiful, keep a long time, even if the vehicle is scrapped, the color of the wheel is still the same. The surface treatment process of many popular models is baking paint.
General tire maintenance in the car driving 4000–5000 kilometers, at 4–5 kilometers to the hub bearing maintenance, if the car is usually found on the way to the tire bearing noise, it should be removed for maintenance.
Clean the bearing under removal with kerosene or gasoline, carefully observe whether there is sliding or peristalsis inside and outside the cylindrical surface of the bearing, whether there is spalling inside and outside the raceway surface of the bearing, pitting, rolling body and cage wear;
According to the comprehensive situation of bearing inspection, judge whether the bearing can continue to use, and regularly fill lubricating oil or grease;
According to the use of the vehicle, the lubricating oil should be completely replaced at least every six months, and the bearing should be carefully checked.

Post time: Jul-27-2023