The status and function of forging in machinery manufacturing industry

We use our own independent forging workshop to better improve the company’s productivity and increase the service life of bearings.

Forging is a processing method in which metal materials are permanently deformed under the action of external forces. Forging can change the shape and size of the blank, but also improve the internal organization of the material, improve the physical and mechanical properties of the forging. Forging production can provide the blank of various mechanical parts for the machine building industry and other industries. For some important parts with large forces and high requirements, such as steam turbines, rolling mill rolls, gears, bearings, tools, molds and important parts needed by the national defense industry, etc., must be produced by forging.

Compared with other machining methods, forging has significant characteristics: saving metal materials, improving the internal organization of metal materials, improving the mechanical and physical properties of metal materials, improving productivity, and improving the service life of parts.
Forging is the basic processing technology in the machinery manufacturing industry, which provides high quality forging blanks for the cutting of metal materials, and plays an indispensable role in improving the processing of mechanical parts.


Post time: Jun-07-2023